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Riitude Consulting Services is a private limited company registered under the OPC category with the Registrar of Companies. The ideas started to take shape in the year 2015 with an endeavor to fulfill the demand of the corporate in vertical of Management Consulting. “Riitude”, the name was coined from the axiom “Right Attitude”. Riitude is a registered trademark with the Office of Trademark Registry, Government of India. Any development embarks from the thought process. The brain establishes the way and right attitude is the foundation for any development. Keeping this in mind, we are focusing on two developmental areas, Individual Development and Organizational Development. A Group of individuals come together to form an organization and the budding executives are going to be the future pillars of any organization.  At Riitude, we understand the science of organization development and to strengthen our offering we do provide Individual development services. Organizational and Individual development are the equally important and complimentary development activities.


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